Introduction and Foundation

Become familiar with Nextworld

Navigate within Nextworld and learn how to create entries in the Directory and Items modules.

  Introductory Courses     Foundation Courses  


Transact within Nextworld Financials

Nextworld Financials covers system configuration, basic operations, and reporting. Topics cover General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Fixed Assets.

  Financials Courses  

Procurement, Materials, Sales Courses

Explore transactions critical to the distribution process

Procurement, Materials, and Sales courses include topics on Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Item Receipts, Transfer Orders, and much more.

  Procurement, Materials, Sales Courses  


Develop applications

Platform courses are more technical and designed to allow developers to begin using the no-code platform.

  Platform Courses  
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Design user-friendly reports

Reporting courses allow you to build reports and dashboards and work with Interactive Reporting.

  Reporting Courses  
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Execute Project lifecycle

Learn how to setup and manage projects including job cost and budgeting/forecasting.

  Projects Courses  
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