Market Challenges


of organization are experiencing a shortage in skilled tech workers.



of leaders say recruiting and retaining talent is a moderate to major challenge their company is facing in 2023.


Multiply your IT team

The most common bottleneck when hiring for IT teams is dedicating the time to teaching the code. Nextworld’s Solution? Remove the code.

With the implementation of no-code development tools, your IT teams can build and deploy new applications in a fraction of the time, by avoiding hours of coding. This means your IT team can burn through the backlog quickly and focus on mission-critical projects.

No-code development platforms give other business functions the ability to handle their own simple requests, freeing up IT resources for more technical matters.

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No experience? No problem. No-code

What if there was a way to meet your company’s IT demands without having to hire technical talent or asking your current team to work after-hours? You're in luck. There is technical talent hiding all across your company ready to support your IT team and find innovative ways to use company data and meet customer needs.

Equip your business users - citizen developers - with tools that empower employees from any department to design and implement app-based technology with limited understanding of the development process.

Leverage no-code development to automate and optimize processes across all your functional areas, without adding to IT's workload.

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Tech that attracts and retains

The emerging workforce anticipates a technological sophistication in the workplace that aligns with the advancements they have encountered throughout their consumer lives.
Putting advanced, no-code tools in the hands of your workforce keeps your team engaged, knowing they are innovating with the most relevant enterprise technologies.
With our no-code platform delivering the latest in tech, you're not just attracting the talent – you're keeping them engaged and on board with a steady stream of innovation capabilities.

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