Nextworld for Manufacturers

The Nextworld Enterprise Manufacturing module helps job shops and make-to-order manufacturers better utilize production materials, lower costs, and serve customers more effectively. Job shops have diverse business requirements as they may be purely “to-order” manufacturers, but oftentimes, they also provide value-add services for their customers.

With Nextworld, you can bypass excessive lead times, effectively handle materials, and accurately address project variability, all of which can make a positive impact on your operations and your bottom line.

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R&R Millwork Customer Success Story

Learn how this job shop used Nextworld to transform business operations and save hours of manual work per day.

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Your materials under your control

Nextworld for Manufacturing provides for easy setup and management of materials with single- and multi-level bills of materials, including exploded views and phantom items. This lowers cost to your shop floor by better facilitating item and work order management from material issue to completion. With the Nextworld cloud manufacturing software, you can streamline the flow of materials between departments, reducing inefficiencies and avoiding excess costs.

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Take Nextworld® on the go

Take advantage of high-volume, purpose-built mobile applications that provide even greater operational execution and value, especially with production flows that include routings. Control scarce resources more effectively by confirming item costs—as well as proper setup of bills of materials—with item cost simulation.

Support for your differentiation

Nextworld Enterprise Applications, built on the No-Code Studio, allow you to easily customize your manufacturing workflows, data, and processes to address your unique business needs without sacrificing your ability to stay current on our best-of-breed business applications.

With Nextworld, you can unlock true business agility. Our Enterprise Applications Platform allows you to quickly respond to rapidly changing market conditions, all while increasing production productivity, material efficiency, and revenue per production employee.

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