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Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, R&R Millwork is a build-to-order (BTO) manufacturer of commercial cabinetry and store fixtures. Chipotle, King Soopers, Red Robin, and CorePower Yoga, as well as other restaurants and movie theaters, depend on R&R Millwork for their custom design and cabinetry solutions.

The Challenge

For more than 22 years, R&R Millwork had been using a legacy version of Sage for Financials, Procurement, Manufacturing, Projects, and Sales. Due to the system’s aging architecture and gaps in functionality, R&R Millwork was forced to develop time-consuming, manual workarounds.

“We were running our business kind of the old-fashioned way,” Devin Harwell, President of R&R Millwork, said.

As a BTO manufacturer, R&R Millwork depends heavily on profit recognition. Their lead times can span months, and full revenue cannot be recognized until a job is completed. The company had built a cumbersome spreadsheet to track profit recognition, which involved a level of guesswork and left a lot of room for error. This made it difficult for R&R to get accurate profit data month over month.

The company also relied on manual processes to complete their purchasing transactions. If inventory was running low, someone from the shop floor would walk to the offices to notify the purchasing team. The purchasing team would then call the supplier to place the order, negotiate pricing, and make shipping arrangements. Then, the team would manually enter a purchase order into Sage.

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R&R’s accounting team had the chore of combing through paper copies of purchase orders and manually closing out their invoices one by one. On average, there were hundreds of purchase orders that needed to be closed out each month, requiring about three hours of the lead accountant’s time.

These antiquated and inefficient processes prompted R&R Millwork's search for a new enterprise system. The company needed a solution that could accurately track profit recognition, automate its business functions, and give them better visibility into the status of projects and purchase orders.

The Solution

R&R Millwork was looking for a system that could eliminate manual processes and streamline operations.

“Everything was disjointed,” Harwell said. “We wanted to used technology to run more efficiently.”

Nextworld approached R&R with the chance to test the Nextworld system. This led to the company becoming Nextworld's second implementation organization.

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Why R&R Millwork chose Nextworld

The team at R&R Millwork determined that Nextworld was simple to use and gave them the flexibility to define workflows, reports, and dashboards that fit their specific needs. Additionally, R&R saw the value of becoming an early adopter and leveraging the ability to influence Nextworld’s product roadmap and have a high-touch relationship with the support and implementation teams.

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The Results

From start to finish, R&R’s Nextworld implementation took just four months. The implementation team completed the project remotely and kept R&R Millwork on time and on budget.

Incremental profit recognition

R&R Millwork takes advantage of Nextworld’s profit recognition functionality, along with a feature that auto-books profit recognition entries at each period close. This allows them to incrementally track actuals against budget amounts for different jobs, saving their accounting team and president an estimated combined two days or more at month-end close.

Time savings through custom automations

Since implementing Nextworld, R&R has seen significant time savings across its organization, particularly in the areas of purchasing and accounting.

R&R used Nextworld to create custom automations for its purchasing process. The company uses Nextworld’s reorder point functionality to receive notifications when inventory is low and an order needs to be placed. The purchasing team then uses the item catalogue to select items and put them into a shopping cart. That action automatically sends an email to one of their 100 suppliers with their selections reflected in a purchase order. By streamlining the entire purchasing process, the company saves a collective four hours per day.

Thanks to Nextworld’s Workflow Orchestration, R&R Millwork can now close out purchase orders upon invoice, eliminating hours of manual effort at the end of each month.

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R&R Millwork has also automated the creation of bills of material and work orders generated by the company’s computer-aided design (CAD) system. The accounting team only needs to import the file, and a bill of materials and work order are automatically created, saving their lead accountant nearly two hours per week.

These automations have helped R&R’s accounts payable and purchasing teams achieve a time savings of approximately 70%.

Access to real-time data on personalized dashboards

The entire team at R&R Millwork takes advantage of customized dashboards within Nextworld. Because Nextworld makes customizations easy with its no-code technology, R&R’s college intern was able to set up dashboards for every user.

Harwell finds the customized dashboards extremely helpful for giving him and project managers visibility into operations.

“Nextworld allows me to run the company with the information that I would like to see,” Harwell said. “[My dashboard] gives me things like cash balances, new orders, where materials are in the process—all of the things that I need to see on a daily basis.”

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R&R Millwork considers their selection Nextworld a success that has transitioned into major cost and time savings.

“We’ve had about 30% overhead savings as a result of using Nextworld,” Harwell said.

Since the implementation, Harwell and his team can focus less on repetitive tasks and more on customer satisfaction. The company also has plans to implement new functionality and features for additional benefits.

“This partnership that we’ve had has paid off big dividends for R&R Millwork,” Harwell said. “We’ve increased efficiency, gotten the ability to be more competitive, and we want to continue to use more and more of the Nextworld system.”

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