Nextworld's Customer Support team ensures you have a seamless experience with all Nextworld products. Our team is available for extended business hours through our customized support portal to keep your business processes moving smoothly. We are committed to providing a convenient, reliable, and friendly team of experts to answer questions and resolve problems in a timely manner. Behind the scenes, we constantly review processes, tools, and training methods to ensure that our support analysts show up at their best. We look forward to serving and supporting you.

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Trust is key to a relationship. You have entrusted your data and operations to Nextworld, and we take that seriously. We have a compliance and security department that is dedicated to ensuring we adhere to industry standards in the services we provide you while meeting the regulatory requirements that govern our industry. Nextworld has implemented established risk and control management practices, based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and evaluated against the SOC 2 Trusted Services Criteria, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and business processes.

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Case studies

Our customers and partners come to us with a variety of goals and challenges. Clearly, there's no such thing as a 'one-size-fits-all' solution, so we've made an Enterprise Applications Platform that can help you overcome your unique obstacles. Backed by a team with decades of industry experience, Nextworld is your committed business partner, determined to propel your mission forward. Don't take our word for it. Read the stories and learn about the results companies like you have achieved from the Enterprise Applications Platform.

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Implementation support

The implementation team at Nextworld has been built to deliver reliable and predictable results which provide on time and on budget results. Through our methodology, experienced consultants, and strategic partner relationships with our business partners, we can right size our implementations to meet our customer’s needs. Post Go-Live we will continue to drive business value through our Customer Success team to maintain close communication and long-term partnership with our customers.

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Infrastructure services

The cloud infrastructure team enables Nextworld to build and run services in the cloud in a secure, performant, and reliable manner. Through the use of enterprise-grade tooling, we are able to block threats, scale capacity on-demand, and patch with zero downtime. Our cloud topology ensures that your data is not only safe from data center and regional failures, it is also safe from threats through the use of industry-leading encryption technologies. We are constantly working to optimize the cloud solution by choosing the right technologies for Nextworld.


At Nextworld, we support your training and educational needs throughout the entire relationship lifecycle. During the initial implementation, we train the project team with an option for a 'Train the Trainer' model. At Go-Live, we can even help train your end users.

Throughout this journey, you will be provided with a customer success manager to ensure that your training needs are met. As new features and new releases are deployed, we will assist you with net new training to help you understand the impact and relevance of these changes.

We are here to make you successful.