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Production Manager

With Nextworld, you can access real-time information about every step of your production process, from procurement to quality control. Gain insights into metrics like production yield, cost per unit, and scrap and rework rates, and use them to make more informed decisions for your business.

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Procurement Manager

Nextworld makes supplier management easy by storing and maintaining contractual terms, as well as agreed-upon transactional terms such as costs, discounts, and lead times. Track key performance indicators like spend analysis, and use real-time data to navigate supply chain disruptions and lead time delays.

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Quality Control

Nextworld’s manufacturing applications are mobile-friendly, enabling you to easily document quality issues, implement corrective actions, and drive continuous improvement efforts across the shop floor. With Nextworld, you can quickly customize applications to abide by new or changing regulatory requirements.

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Maintenance Engineer

Nextworld allows you to monitor the status of maintenance activities and equipment health in real-time. Use our solution to generate work orders and track their statuses from initiation to completion. You can also set up preventive maintenance schedules to automate reminders and ensure timely execution of routine maintenance tasks.

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Leverage built-in flexibility

Unlike legacy manufacturing ERPs, Nextworld is flexible in non-stock item support, giving you the ability to simplify your one-off processes. Nextworld also provides flexibility through its customizations; they automatically merge into every upgrade, enabling you to adapt to new industry opportunities without disruption to your manufacturing operations.

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Effectively handle materials

Nextworld simplifies item and work-order management with single- and multi-level bills of materials, including exploded views and phantom items. Our cloud manufacturing software can streamline the flow of materials between departments, helping you reduce inefficiencies and avoid unnecessary costs. You can also utilize our mobile-first Cloud Inventory® product to track material usage and availability at the point of activity.

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Create custom solutions

Most legacy manufacturing applications only address standard procedures, forcing you to develop manual workarounds or compromise the unique processes you have in place. With the Nextworld No-Code Studio, you don’t have to make concessions. Our no-code development platform allows you to extend our solution, so you can customize your manufacturing workflows, data, and processes to address your specific business needs.

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