The cloud-native, no-code solution for every business need

Architecture matters, even with a cloud solution. Nextworld was conceived and architected from the ground up as a cloud-native Enterprise Applications Platform. Our architecture is multi-tenant, allowing you to scale dynamically and lower your total cost of ownership. Give every advantage to every aspect of your business with our no-code enterprise platform. Forget the hassles of rigid legacy solutions, and choose the agile Enterprise Applications Platform to help you stay ahead of what’s next®.

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Stateless server architecture

Nextworld’s platform architecture is stateless. The server contains no state about the client interaction, so state is transferred with each server request, unlocking a variety of benefits. Chief among them are far greater flexibility, resiliency, fault tolerance, and scalability.

With Nextworld’s stateless architecture, there is zero impact on the customer in the event of a hardware issue. If any machine experiences an outage, subsequent client requests are simply routed to another server. Since our Nextworld servers never had any state to lose, our client has no indication that anything bad has happened. No work is lost.

No code

The Nextworld No-Code Studio is revolutionizing the path to desired business outcomes with its speed and flexibility. By leveraging declarative application development processes, businesses can foster a seamless collaboration between IT and business departments and align the software with their unique needs, all without writing a single line of code or being version locked. With the No-Code Studio, organizations can translate their requirements into functional software, unlocking new levels of efficiency and innovation without traditional coding constraints.

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Dynamic and elastic scalability

Nextworld is an adaptable solution that can dynamically respond to demand from jobs that consume significant server resources— immediately, on demand, and without any effort from you.

Our servers are able to elastically scale up and down based on your needs. Large jobs like data migrations or executing a planned optimization put meaningful load on your servers, which can impact your quality of service. Nextworld is designed to detect high-volume jobs and dynamically scale up servers to meet demand. Once complete, Nextworld will scale those servers back down so you don’t incur unnecessary costs. With Nextworld's SaaS platform architecture, there is no need to plan ahead, reserve extra capacity, or pay for it longer than you require it.

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The Nextworld Automated Transaction Engine (NATE) powers Nextworld’s ability to support complex, long-running transactions without data loss or corruption. NATE provides a complete transaction audit trail with before-and-after snapshots of your data. Authorized users have full visibility of complete transaction histories. You can leverage NATE’s auditing and traceability of every transaction and recover any work that may have been inadvertently lost or changed. This ensures that transactions are always protected.

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