Align around your customer and win business

The Nextworld Sales suite helps you position your customers at the center of your operations from the initial quote through to shipping your product out the door, and handling exceptions along the way. Today, lead times are shorter than ever, and customers expect the highest levels of customer service. Nextworld can partner with you to meet and exceed customer demands.

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Streamline your quote-to-cash process

From quote to cash, Nextworld Sales eliminates redundancy and manual entry at every corner. Define your settings once and we can autofill your sales quote with key customer information like shipping terms, payment terms, or billing details. Our flexible pricing options give you the ability to help your customers achieve economies of scale and apply discounts where available. Sophisticated workflows seamlessly pass sales quotes through to shipment and invoicing, providing real-time stock status for fulfillment and taking advantage of every automation opportunity along the way.

Want to take your applications a step further? Only you know your business processes best. Take what we deliver out-of-the-box and customize the workflow and applications to fit your business with our no-code platform. We protect your customizations and merge them with every new release.

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Take advantage of a seamless experience

Whether you’re calculating sales tax or retrieving shipment pricing, we support a seamless experience. Take advantage of our 3rd party integration with Avalara, an industry leader in sales tax automation. Our reference integrations with CRMs, eCommerce platforms, Transportation Management Solutions, and 3rd party payment processors make it simple to streamline and automate processes requiring an external party.

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Handle exceptions with ease to improve service levels

Part of running a business is being prepared for the unpredictable. Nextworld helps your team handle exceptional cases with ease and flexibility. When required, you can grant customer credits, exchange or return items, void transactions, and handle disputes promptly, making sure your customers are satisfied even throughout the mishaps.

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Sales Force Automation

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with Sales Force Automation by Steltix. Allow your team to access and process customer data from anywhere in the world. Built on the Nextworld platform, your team can leverage essential tools to understand customer needs and focus on the essentials.

Key features include:

  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Activity management
  • Quote management
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales structures
  • Customer 360

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Sales Force Automation