The real challenge faced with multiple ERPs

Unless you are in the lucky 26% who run a single ERP, general ledger consolidation is likely a constant and nagging worry.

With real-time consolidation capabilities, Nextworld helps you quickly unite multiple general ledgers while giving you a clear path to solving your long-term ERP consolidation problem.

Post-period close insights that used to take days or weeks to discover are now available at all times.

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of companies surveyed have more than one ERP


of respondents who answered “yes” have more than 10 ERP systems installed


Simplify your consolidations

Access all consolidation data in a central location with a click of a button. Child companies can upload their data for review and approval, all within the central system.

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One-stop shop

All reports can be entered by users through the Nextworld portal and accessible through the dashboard. This eliminates time spent tracking down reports in disparate systems.

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Chart mapping

A clear path forward

Nextworld can automate the mapping of transactions from multiple ERPs that use different charts, currencies, and other attributes into a single, consolidated view. The result is a streamlined reporting process and predictable month-end for your finance team.

Audit reports

Auditing made easy

Nextworld provides a clearly defined audit trail in real time. Authorized users can access login reports and other important activity at the transaction level.



Customize to fit your needs

Gone are the days of needing to go to multiple platforms and disparate systems to access your data. With Nextworld, you can build custom dashboards that give you insight into the areas that matter most to you and your business.

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See what else Nextworld has to offer for financials.

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