Composable architecture

The Nextworld EAP is built on a composable architecture. Our modular approach enables you to string together business capabilities like building blocks to meet your unique requirements. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions, scalability, and quick adaptation to changing needs so you can foster innovation and efficiency within your organization.

No code. Endless possibilities.

Make change happen—fast. With Nextworld, you can build all-new applications or customize existing ones with the No-Code Studio. The same platform used to build the Nextworld business suites can be used to capture and automate your unique business processes.

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Endless Possibilities NW

Enterprise-grade everywhere

Nextworld delivers the features required to run your enterprise, from highly secure environments to comprehensive auditing.

<p>Elastic scalability</p>

Elastic scalability



<p>Always-on auditing</p>

Always-on auditing

<p>Workflow orchestration</p>

Workflow orchestration

<p>Interactive reporting & visualization</p>

Interactive reporting & visualization

<p>Sustainable customizations</p>

Sustainable customizations

<p>Configurable dashboards</p>

Configurable dashboards

<p>APIs for everything</p>

APIs for everything





<p>Test automation</p>

Test automation

<p>Business logic</p>

Business logic