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Designed to integrate

Nextworld is designed to effortlessly integrate with your other best-of-breed software solutions

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Elastic scaling

Our servers scale up or down, elastically and instantly, so customers always experience the best performance at the lowest cost.

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Create new apps

With our no-code development platform, you can easily build custom applications that fit your unique needs. If you can think it, you can build it.

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Customize existing applications

With Nextworld, you can customize what we deliver out-of-the-box to fit your business needs with the Nextbot, enterprise no-code platform.

Nextbot® Intelligence

Leverage AI and machine learning tools throughout your business processes to make predictions, detect anomalies, and automate everywhere.

Nextbot® Developer Studio

The Nextbot® no-code development platform enables businesses to bring ideas to life in hours or days. Your IT team design, build, and extend enterprise solutions without coding. Applications built with Nextbot come out of the box with enterprise-grade features like comprehensive auditing and security, visualizations, reporting, and advanced transaction handling.

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Enterprise-grade security

Nextworld prioritizes the protection of your data against unauthorized access with an advanced security design that gives you complete control. Our authentication model offers standard cloud security features like IP whitelisting, password complexity rules, automatic password expiration, and multi-factor authentication. Nextworld applications adhere to the principle of least privilege, where users are assumed to have no access to data until explicitly granted through a variety of defined Security Groups. Want to know more about how Nextworld protects your data? Download the security white paper.

Your cloud architecture matters

Architecture matters, even with a cloud solution. Nextworld was built and architected from the ground up as a cloud-native Enterprise Applications Platform. Our architecture is multi-tenant, unlocking dynamic scaling and a lower total cost of ownership.

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