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Nextworld for Distribution

Today, supplier lead times are longer than ever while customer patience has decreased. New competitors are surfacing with innovative and adaptive business models, and supply chain disruption is the new constant. Leading distributors are transforming into digital businesses, finding new and creative ways to augment their service offerings, engage customers, evolve operations, and quickly become more efficient.

Nextworld for Distribution is an end-to-end offering to help you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. It is a single solution for sourcing products, managing orders, tracking inventory, and delivering on-time-in-full. With Nextworld, you can proactively ensure inventory availability and uncover new ways to cut operational costs throughout your supply chain.

Manage inventory like a pro

Nextworld enables you to properly and accurately manage materials, ensuring you have the right amount of stock at the right time. We track material location and quantity by recording and managing all movements of inventory within your organization—both in and outside the warehouse. Take advantage of our comprehensive reporting capabilities to gain visibility into stock balances and the movement of goods.

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Delight your customers

Ensure that inventory is guaranteed for every customer by aligning current demand, or even future orders, with inventory on hand. With Nextworld, you can filter and drill into your data to view real-time product metrics with our personalized dashboards. Nextworld inventory works for you so that you can focus on value-added services to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Be the disruptor

It’s no secret the distribution industry is subject to rapid change amidst supply chain disruptions and increased competition. These obstacles require new levels of agility to quickly evolve business operations—without leaving behind trails of technical debt and fragmented data.

Distributors are leveraging intelligent supply chain capabilities to support sustainable change. The Nextworld No-Code Studio enables companies to build and change processes and applications faster than ever before, transforming them from distributors into disruptors.

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