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Is your manufacturing software helping you improve material usage and operational efficiencies while reducing labor and costs? Nextworld Mixed-Mode Manufacturing helps you optimize your global, manufacturing operations to produce anything. Nextworld simplifies master data maintenance through a shared bill of materials and routings. If a product is built in more than one plant, a single bill of material can be maintained or, if a routing is used to make more than one product or process, it can be shared rather than maintained separately.

Handle materials more efficiently with purpose-built mobility. Drive further operational efficiency with our flexible mobile applications designed for how shop floor users really do their job in a high-volume environment.

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Ensure Audit Compliance and Integrity

When it comes to data and transactional integrity, Nextworld has you covered with our advanced transaction auditing capabilities. We provide a complete transaction audit trail with actionable, before-and-after data snapshots, providing full visibility of the complete transaction history. You can recover any work within the cloud manufacturing software ensuring your production and operational data is always protected. This reduces auditing time and increases the ability to easily comply with industry regulations.

Since integration is a team sport, Nextworld makes it easy by providing API-First integration capabilities allowing you to expose REST endpoints for inbound integration or interact with other best-of-breed or material handling solutions. Our APIs ensure that all validations and business rules are enacted universally, no matter the source, so you can be confident your data and processes are protected.

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Built-in flexibility

Nextworld Manufacturing offers the flexibility you need to adapt to new industry opportunities without disruption to operations. Highly configurable product definitions enable you to specify how you set up and manufacture products.

Don’t like non-value add workarounds? Unlike many legacy manufacturing and ERP systems, we support rework and shop floor cleaning work orders without “tricking” the system. This enables proper activity tracking, improving compliance.

Nextworld is flexible in non-stock item support which gives manufacturers the option to simplify their one-off processes. Legacy manufacturing ERP solutions traditionally only support stock items for manufacturing – when a non-stock item is leveraged, you don’t have to take the time to set up and maintain item numbers that may only be used one time, saving configuration and setup steps.

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From out-of-the-box to fit-for-purpose

When you’re ready to go beyond configurations, you can use the No-Code Studio to extend our solution. With the No-Code Studio, citizen developers can easily capture additional business data or build brand new or customize existing applications. Your applications and customizations are sustainable and automatically update with new features, functionality, and technologies – with zero downtime and zero rework.

Configurable workflow is built into our applications, orchestrating and driving your unique scenarios. This advanced functionality of our cloud manufacturing software is completely customizable to make it as simple or as robust as required for your business functions.

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Planning in the modern era

Nextworld helps you make the most of planning. Customer lead times and tolerances are becoming shorter, product variety and complexity has increased, and supply chains have spread around the world. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) is an emerging methodology for supply chain planning and execution that effectively innovates upon the original concept to adapt to advanced practices.

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