Introducing the Consolidated Inventory Lookup

Over 74% of companies run more than one enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. When it comes to managing inventory across multiple systems, many businesses find themselves relying on spreadsheets or other workarounds to gain consolidated views of their inventory. Nextworld provides a way to see all your inventory data in one place.

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Manage all your inventory from a single place

By setting up a one-time, global mapping of your items to their corresponding search IDs, the Nextworld platform can pull in all your inventory data. You can transfer inventory between systems and automatically kick off financial transactions for a full audit trail.

Boost revenue

A complete view of your inventory leads to on-time, accurate orders and frees you up to go above and beyond for your customers in new, innovative ways. Fuel your revenue growth by earning repeat business and consistently delighting your customers.

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Convert inventory to cash

Having real-time, accurate inventory data helps you understand how well your products move and which ones are profitable, which can help you make strategic product decisions and have the right amount of inventory on hand.

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Raise compliance

Ensure financial reports reflect accurate inventory levels to support financial accuracy, and ultimately, increase compliance.

Raise Compliance

Level up your mobile apps for even greater visibility

Nextworld’s mobile-first approach supports your strategy at your desk or on the go. Mobile adoption is crucial to enabling the connected worker and delivering real-time data for fast decision making.

Learn how Cloud Inventory® by Nextworld can support your mobile workforce in the warehouse, on the shop floor, and in the field.

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