Streamline purchasing and inventory operations

The best procurement operations look for the best outcome for your business. Whether you’re procuring indirect or direct materials, labor, or capital equipment, Nextworld Procurement helps you make the best purchasing decisions and helps you properly manage your materials – all with the big picture in mind.

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Manage your suppliers with ease

Supplier management is the key to optimizing your purchasing operations. Nextworld Procurement starts with setting the right expectations with your suppliers, storing and maintaining contractual terms as well as your agreed upon transactional terms such as costs, discounts, lead times, packaging, or units of measure. We give you the flexibility to pre-define supplier performance metrics and measure against them throughout the relationship.

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Our robust buyer workbench helps Buyers easily manage open purchase requisitions, supplier quotes, and purchase orders, and move them through the buying process – all from a single location. With Nextworld Procurement, you can measure your company’s performance over time, tracking key performance indicators like time to match receipts to purchase orders, spend analysis, supplier performance, and consolidations.

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Unlock real-time visibility into your inventory

Nextworld Inventory helps you properly manage your materials, ensuring you have the right amount of stock at the right time. We record and manage all movements of materials within your organization so that you can easily keep track of material quantity and location, while updating the general ledger at every step. Our inventory solution comes with comprehensive reporting capabilities for reporting stock balances and the movement of goods across the company.

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Meet and exceed customer expectations

Support the sales order process by ensuring that inventory is guaranteed for every customer by aligning current demand or even future orders with inventory on-hand. With Nextworld Inventory, you can filter, slice, and dice your data to track and trace items throughout the supply chain, view real-time product availability, and manage day-to-day activities with live, personalized dashboards.

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