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Chief Financial Officer

Make timely decisions. With Nextworld, you can access real-time information with reporting and visualization capabilities that show big-picture trends, and allow you to drill down into the supporting details.

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Financial Controller

Access real-time insights. Business users today are tackling their problems with outdated methods - spreadsheets, various point-solution software, etc. With Nextworld, you can easily automate manual processes to ensure you have access to real-time data throughout the month for timely decision-making.

Financial Controller

Accounts Payable

Improve your day-to-day operations. Nextworld provides you with features such as customizable dashboards, interactive reporting and visualizations, flexible workflow configuration, and integration capabilities to easily connect with banks and other third-party systems. Eliminate manual processes with our machine learning and AP automation capabilities, to streamline your everyday operations.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Optimize your daily operations. Eliminate manual processes with our out-of-the-box automation capabilities, to streamline processes. Nextworld provides you with features such as customizable dashboards, interactive reporting and visualizations, and the ability to easily implement composite applications that automate processes. Traditionally manual tasks, such as the creation and approval of invoices, invoice adjustments or disputes, and cash collection, can easily be automated, freeing up resources to focus on other projects.

Accounts Receivable

Data at your fingertips

Report across modules with attributes like customers, suppliers, items, jobs, and more – all from a single source of truth and directly within your general ledger. Take advantage of Nextworld reporting, which provides real-time aggregations and analyses of organizational data. Build reports to focus on any area you want, the options are limitless.

Financial management for how you do business

Take advantage of delivered best practices, built-in analytics, and a flexible general ledger structure. Customize what we deliver out of the box such as workflows, security, reports, and more to best suit your needs.

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Unlock the key to the future with interactive reporting

Nextworld's interactive reports can be created over any data source. They are dynamic and enable you and your team to drill down from the highest level of summary data into the most granular and detailed view. You can also build visualizations, such as pivot tables, and use filter criteria to update the visualization to view and analyze different parts of the report data.

Customer Invoice Desktop
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