Your software vs. the future

Whether your industry-focused solution is reaching obsolescence or you’re just tired of being stuck in an endless, expensive upgrade loop, it may be time to replatform your legacy solution and offer your customers an innovative path forward.

Replatforming with Nextworld serves as a catalyst for innovation by simplifying the technical implementation of new ideas and applications. Facilitating mobile access, moving on-prem software to the cloud, or incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning all become possible without touching a line of code.

Deliver innovative, customizable, and value-driven software offerings without the need for extensive in-house development efforts.

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Focus on what makes you competitive

By choosing to replatform with Nextworld, you can redirect your focus and resources toward core competencies – whether that's developing niche functionalities, providing exceptional customer support, or investing in strategic partnerships. This allows your business to maximize your strengths and deliver greater value to your customers.

Integrate disparate systems

Many software vendors struggle to keep up with the latest technologies, often resorting to an accumulation of 3rd party bolt-ons to make these deliveries quickly for their customers. Over time, the result becomes a patchwork of disparate systems that lack integration – hindering efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.

Replatforming to an EAP like Nextworld gives your business a blank slate to replace bolt-on solutions and connect disjointed systems to achieve seamless integration across your software ecosystem.

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Unlock value on Day 1

Leverage pre-built and extensively tested core business applications as a jump start to your software offering and allow developers to hit the ground running on designing the next generation of products and services. This translates into competitive time-to-market advantages measured in days, months, and sometimes years.

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Modernize your technology infrastructure now, and automatically take advantage of future enhancements, even as emerging technologies continue to evolve. With Nextworld as the core platform behind your software solution, new advancements are inherited by all applications and all custom work remains intact, making upgrades painless.

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