Intelligence everywhere

Nextworld’s “Intelligence Everywhere” design philosophy infuses AI across our no-code platform—not through bolt-on solutions or architectural afterthoughts. Nextworld Intelligence broadly incorporates current and future artificial intelligence technologies into every business activity.

Intelligence Everywhere NW
Machine Learning Icon

Machine learning toolkit

The Nextworld machine learning toolkit is a no-code tool that empowers developers to easily build machine learning models or predefine LLM prompts used throughout a given business flow. Create models, define data inputs and outputs, and apply machine learning algorithms for tasks like classification, regression, and anomaly detection.

Chatbot Icon


Meet Ed, your AI-driven guide to navigating Nextworld applications. Ask Ed how to perform a specific function like voiding a journal entry or creating a purchase order. Powered by advanced Large Language Models (LLMs), Ed offers a seamless and familiar chat experience for end-users to get timely and accurate product support.

Developer Co Pilot

Developer copilot

Generative AI, a category encompassing AI capable of creating original content, is a cornerstone of Nextworld's application development strategy. The Nextworld Developer copilot not only can assist in creating applications and business process components such as logic blocks, workflows, and interactive reports, it makes you more productive and efficient.

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