Custom Manufacturing

Nextworld's Manufacturing module helps job shops and make-to-order manufacturers more competitive by streamlining the end-to-end production process. Improve materials management, increase order volume, and maintain quality.

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IND Manufacturing

Nextworld’s Distribution offering is an end-to-end solution that ensures you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations in a world of shortened lead times and highly competitive landscapes. Nextworld is a single solution for sourcing product, managing orders, tracking inventory, and delivering on time, proactively ensuring inventory availability and uncovering ways to cut costs.

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IND Wholesale
Inventory-Dependent Services

As an inventory-dependent business, you likely depend on having the right equipment on hand to perform the right services. Nextworld helps ensure you have everything you need from an inventory perspective. With our highly customizable enterprise applications and automation tools, you can:

  • Get real-time visibility into field inventory, job costing, and technician productivity
  • Connect mobile technicians with back-office systems
  • Improve service delivery and overall customer service

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IND Technnology
Commercial Real Estate

Nextworld for Real Estate is a cloud-native property management application for commercial office, retail, and mixed-use real estate.

Nextworld for Real Estate was built to give you a 360-degree view of your tenants, automate transactions, and ensure tenant satisfaction. You can easily manage lease versions, options, renewals, lease abstracts, and lease clauses to make tenant-operational activities more efficient for you and more convenient for your tenants.

Manage your portfolio from a central location. Regardless of your size, we’ll help you lift asset performance and increase net operating income.

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IND Real Estate

A vineyard, grower, and winemaking solution built to give end-to-end visibility into your winery operations from grape to glass. With WineTrax™ by NuVerge, you can gain a single source of truth and automate the management of growers and blocks, as well as blending operations, inventory, distribution channels, and supply chain—all of which can be fully integrated into your procurement processes and financials.

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