Nextworld for Real Estate

Real estate is a complex and constantly evolving industry that is moving faster than ever. As competitors adopt new and flexible business models, existing real estate solutions are exposed for being cumbersome and unwieldy. Top performing real estate companies are turning to digital solutions in order to transform traditional processes that impede deal success and impair effective management. Nextworld applications for Real Estate enables real estate firms, REITs, industrial warehouses, and commercial and residential owners and operators to overcome the limitations of existing processes with a completely redesigned Enterprise Applications Platform.

Streamlined operations to close deals faster and make management easier

Nextworld Enterprise Applications Platform was built entirely from the ground up, casting off years of legacy ERP technology to deliver a modern, agile solution that bridges the gaps in real estate deal flow, leasing, billing management, reporting, accounting, property management, and tenant communication. With Nextworld, you avoid platform impediments like closed systems, complicated integrations, overreliance on spreadsheets, and complex or unavailable customizations.

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Convert strategy to reality

Even the best laid plans can be derailed. Nextworld allows you to easily adapt to business changes brought on by asset portfolio additions or subtractions, M&A activity, and operational concerns like implementing automation across your organization and the need to accommodate a hybrid workforce.

Unify your business in a new space

Every firm that manages real estate can do it better. With Nextworld’s future-proof solutions, better means better today and better tomorrow. Our Nextbot® no-code platform enables you to customize our enterprise applications whenever and however business needs dictate, and carry those customizations forward from release to release. You’ll be able to automate and unite business workflows to increase productivity while overcoming obstacles related to enterprise systems consolidation, new technology adoption, and issues with multiple technology stacks and data silos.

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