Gain visibility into inventory ownership

Inventory ownership can be a challenge for distributors. Given the variety of ownership models like vendor-managed inventory, consigned inventory, and other 3PL arrangements, it has become increasingly difficult to understand who owns what. Traditional systems often require tricky workarounds, such as creating virtual warehouses for each owner. Simplify your inventory management with Cloud Inventory® by Nextworld.

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Support for multiple inventory owners out of the box

Cloud Inventory by Nextworld was designed to track ownership of your inventory through inbound transactions, storage and internal handling, and outbound transactions. Without making changes to your processes, you can easily identify third-party owners on an order.

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View and manage inventory

Leverage configurable dashboards and reports to show visual breakdowns of inventory by owner. You can also apply inventory ownership to all of your inventory and production processes.

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Need to allocate inventory to a job?

For companies in the manufacturing or construction space, allocating or directing inventory to a job is critical to ensuring timely and successful job completion. Cloud Inventory by Nextworld allows you to tie inventory to a specific job and track it accordingly—without requiring any costly workarounds.

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