Role-based and intuitive

Nextworld’s project-based applications suite is a fully integrated solution for executing the project lifecycle. Stakeholders can take advantage of our intuitive, role-based software that offers the flexibility you need. In a single solution, you can access the tools to automate your budgeting, forecasting, and workflow, while providing real-time profitability.

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Real-time forecasting

With hundreds of tasks and details to manage, we know it can be time consuming to track critical issues. Our job cost software can provide a multi-functional real-time inquiry that calculates financial results and your key performance indicators.

Forecasting can become complicated in the midst of a project. Nextworld’s project-based applications suite is always auto re-calculating the forecast, factoring in your actuals and budget revisions – all in real-time. You can choose from one of our delivered computation methods or write your own and trust that your forecast is always up to date with the latest information.

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Order-to-cash made simple

We know that different internal and external stakeholders often require different tasks for the same work breakdown structure. At Nextworld, we not only provide our own codes with unlimited characters, but also a cross reference to link them. This reduces the effort required to resolve issues with customers, owners, suppliers, and contractors, improving the order-to-cash cycle.

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Flexibility delivered to your enterprise

With Nextworld, you get the flexibility you need to run your business. We provide a versatile solution for managing and accounting for employee or subcontractor time and associated labor costs.

While other systems limit work breakdown structure relationships and only allow profit recognition methods by cost or revenue with limited summarization levels. We offer unlimited detail and alternative methods of recognizing profit such as units or hours and additional summarization levels.

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Transform raw hours into actual earnings

Eliminate the manual effort required to generate gross earnings with iAllTIME. The time and labor rules solution was developed by iSP3 Global Technologies Inc. for companies on Nextworld.

Now you can transform raw hours into actual earnings with real-time seamless flow through to your project accounting, all in the cloud. This solution enables businesses to automate pay based on hours worked, overtime and applicable premiums, and other complex contract conditions or requirements.

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