Optimize operations

Boost operational efficiency and inventory turns by accurately tracking inventory at every step of the supply chain with our native mobile solution. Nextworld provides real-time visibility into operational trends and advanced tracking capabilities, enabling you to make informed decisions and maximize your resource utilization.

Optimize Operations

Boost revenue

Delight your customers and increase revenue. With improved accuracy, you can minimize order errors, reduce returns, and strengthen customer trust. This ultimately leads to improved customer retention, repeat business, and more revenue for your organization.

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Simplify compliance

Simplify regulatory and contractual compliance with Nextworld’s flexible platform, real-time data capture, and comprehensive process controls and audit trails. Ensure full adherence to regulations and contractual obligations, minimizing the risk of penalties or disruptions to your business.

Increase mobility

Nextworld’s mobile-first approach supports your strategy at your desk or on the go. Mobile adoption is crucial to enabling the connected worker and delivering real-time data for fast decision making.

Need access to mobile applications in a disconnected environment? We've got you covered. Our mobile apps remain available no matter your connectivity.

Embrace personalization for every member of your team, on any device. With Nextworld, you can capture high-resolution data, increase productivity, and improve compliance across your organization.

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Personalize everything

Your business is unique. Nextworld supports your competitive differentiation with enterprise applications you can easily customize to how you do business. Introduce new process controls, modify approvals, and configure role-based dashboards—all without writing a single line of code. We put the control in your hands.

Personalize Everything

Chief Operating Officer

Nextworld helps operations leaders achieve scale without multiplying their resources. Leverage dashboards and real-time insights to see big-picture trends and selectively drill into the details. Uncover opportunities to decrease the time to fill orders or the cost to process them.

With Nextworld, you can turn your inventory into cash, understand which products are performing best, and make the right operational decisions for your business.

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Customer Service

Today's customers expect outstanding service, unwavering accuracy, and fast lead times. With Nextworld, you can not only meet customer demands but go above and beyond for them too. Increase collaboration across operations for improved order and shipping accuracy.

Utilize our highly customizable business solutions to support your value-added services. Nextworld helps turn your customers into repeat business.

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Floor Supervisor

With Nextworld's Cloud Inventory® mobile applications, you can see how inventory moves throughout the warehouse and production line and conduct your day-to-day processes from any device.

Take advantage of role-based dashboards to see all operational activity and order volumes. Our solution for Floor Supervisors automates inbound, outbound, and storage processes, letting you manage exceptional cases along the way.

Warehouse Loader

Transportation Manager

With Cloud Inventory by Nextworld, you can improve shipping accuracy to minimize order errors, reduce returns, and enhance customer trust. Our mobile applications also can be used to guide the loading of shipments in the most efficient order and weight distribution.

On receipt, ensure orders are accurate and moved out of staging as quickly as possible. Cloud Inventory brings automation and optimization to your shipping and receiving processes.

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Make data-driven decisions

Data is only valuable when it's available. Nextworld offers real-time insights, ensuring you're never at risk of making critical decisions with incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data. Learn how our mobile solution can give you access to real-time data at the point of activity.

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"With Nextworld, we now spend more time focused on growth opportunities rather than transferring data to multiple software programs and filing paperwork”

Devin Harwell, President at R&R Millwork