of new applications developed by large enterprises rely on the utilization of citizen developers.



of technology products and services will be built by non-tech professionals.


For IT teams

Build new functionality, extend existing capabilities, and harmoniously integrate with other systems, providing a versatile and scalable solution. Through the use of no-code development tools, your citizen developers can easily build and deploy new solutions without extensive coding knowledge. This means your IT team can burn through its backlog quickly and focus on mission-critical projects.

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For business analysts

Business users today are tackling their problems with outdated methods like spreadsheets and various point-solution software. These stop-gap solutions, if left unchecked, lead to complex networks of technical debt and a lack of visibility for the rest of the organization. With Nextworld, you can leverage no-code development to automate and optimize processes across your functional area.

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Boost productivity

Citizen developers bridge the gap between business requirements and IT capabilities. Their collaboration boosts productivity for the organization by allowing for faster development and deployment of applications tailored to specific business needs. This synergy prevents silos and empowers both teams to leverage their respective strengths, unlocking the full potential of technology and accelerating digital transformation across the enterprise.

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Govern shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to any device or software used in a business that the central technology department does not govern.

A new generation of tools is enabling non-programmers (citizen developers) to easily create analytics dashboards, automation workflows, and even full applications.

Cloud applications, especially no-code tools, allow business users to move quickly, experiment, and free up resources of the central IT organization to handle more complex projects.

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Address developer shortage

The shortage of skilled developers in the market continues to challenge businesses and put pressure on IT teams. Organizations that accept and implement citizen development programs address the challenges of talent shortage head-on. Citizen development empowers non-technical, highly motivated business users to build apps that solve the needs of the organization.

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Nextworld for citizen developers

At Nextworld, we embrace citizen developers and enable them to take the reins when building the unique applications their organization requires. With no coding involved, it takes mere moments for citizen developers to build and implement applications and customizations, whereas with other platforms, this process can take days or weeks.

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The Citizen Development Effect

Organizations are constantly grappling with the challenge of addressing the tech talent shortage while keeping up with the growing IT needs. In this eBook, we provide an in-depth exploration of the concept of citizen development and its transformative impact on businesses. Here is what you can expect in this eBook:

  • Understanding citizen development
  • The role of citizen developers in your business
  • No-code platforms with citizen development
  • Key benefits of a citizen development program
  • The future of citizen development

This comprehensive resource is for organizations looking to harness the potential of their workforce and address future IT by embracing citizen development and innovative no-code platforms.

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