Turn your spreadsheets into future-proof software

While spreadsheets are fantastic for a variety of use cases, all too often, businesses find themselves asking spreadsheets to perform enterprise transactions. Watch how easy it is to use Nextworld to level up your spreadsheets.

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Apply governance

Enjoy flexibility while ensuring you maintain governance over your enterprise transactions. With Nextworld, you can take advantage of advanced security groups and settings, along with detailed audit trails.

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Uncover insights

Use Nextworld's interactive reporting and visualization tools to capture insights on any standard or custom attributes about your data. You can easily aggregate data, add pivot tables, or enable drill-down functionality for both big-picture and detailed information.

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Collaborate with ease

Nextworld's enterprise workflow orchestration enables users to easily collaborate across a variety of functional areas. Add approvals or kick off business logic to pass transactions through your desired processes.

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Customize without limits

Your applications should be able to change as frequently as your spreadsheets. Whether you need to add new fields, modify your business rules, or change the layout of your application, Nextworld can support your changes both today and tomorrow.

Endlessly Customize

Unleash citizen developers

Keep IT focused on mission-critical tasks by allowing citizen developers to modify applications, workflows, and dashboards.

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