The future is composable

The Nextworld Enterprise Applications Platform (EAP) provides a composable business architecture that adapts to how you want to do business. Customize applications to take advantage of your competitive advantages. Our no-code development platform ensures that organizations can adapt to evolving needs without requiring costly and time-consuming efforts.

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The rise of no code

No-code development is here. Gone are the days of needing niche skill sets to meet your unique business requirements. With no-code development, anyone can translate their needs into functional software, unlocking new levels of efficiency and innovation without the traditional coding constraints found with other platforms.

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No Code Overview

Nextbot® Developer Studio

The Nextbot® no-code development platform enables businesses to bring ideas to life in hours or days. Your IT team and business analysts can collaborate to design, build, and extend solutions without coding. Applications built with Nextbot come out of the box with enterprise-grade features like comprehensive auditing and security, visualizations, reporting, and advanced transaction handling.

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Mobile-first platform

Nextworld’s mobile-first approach supports your strategy at the desk or on the go. Mobile adoption is crucial to enabling the connected worker and delivering real-time data for fast decision-making.

Need access to mobile applications in a disconnected environment? We've got you covered. Our mobile apps remain available no matter your connectivity.

Embrace personalization for every member of your team, on any device. With Nextworld, you can capture high-resolution data, increase productivity, and improve compliance across your organization.

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Built for the Cloud

Nextworld was architected from the ground up as a cloud-native Enterprise Applications Platform. Our architecture is multi-tenant and is highly scalable and performant.

A true cloud solution eliminates the need for required maintenance windows, meaning your business does not have to work around vendor downtime. Nextworld's architecture ensures a lower total cost of ownership and minimal disruption to your business.

Enterprise-grade everywhere

Nextworld delivers the features required to run your enterprise from highly secure environments to comprehensive auditing.

<p>Elastic scalability</p>

Elastic scalability



<p>Always on auditing</p>

Always on auditing

<p>Workflow orchestration</p>

Workflow orchestration

<p>Interactive reporting and visualization</p>

Interactive reporting and visualization

<p>Sustainable customizations</p>

Sustainable customizations

<p>Configurable dashboards</p>

Configurable dashboards

<p>APIs for everything</p>

APIs for everything