The developer experience made simple

The No-Code Studio provides an unparalleled development experience for both professional coders and citizen developers. With its intuitive drag-and-drop features, users can compose full-fledged applications, starting from defining fields and tables to incorporating complex business rules and workflow orchestrations. This approach empowers individuals with varying technical backgrounds to create sophisticated solutions without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

No-Code Studio Features

App Builder

Build applications to collect, process, and store data. The Nextworld App Designer pulls together your fields, tables, business logic, layout, and other platform elements. Nextworld comes with a variety of application patterns that can best suit your business requirements and ensure a consistent end-user experience.

App Designer Image
Logic Builder

Nextworld enables developers to define complex business rules without writing a single line of code. Logic Blocks are groups of logical expressions which are configured into sequences to update table data, modify an application's user interface, test other logic blocks, and validate data entry.

Logic Block Image
Workflow Orchestrator

The Nextworld Workflow Orchestrator allows users to define and automate the necessary sequences of tasks or transactional states required by any given business process. The No-Code Studio comes with a set of visual tools that help developers customize or build new workflows.

Workflow Orch Image
Report Builder

Nextworld's interactive reports can be created over any data source. They are dynamic and enable users to drill down from the highest level of summary data into the most granular and detailed view of the same data. You can also build visualizations and use filter criteria to update the visualization in real-time so you can view and analyze different parts of the report data.

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Perform batch integrations or realtime integrations leveraging Nextworld's REST based web services. Import and export data between any 3rd party systems as needed and ensure that data integrity is always maintained.

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Leverage Nextworld Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have revolutionized consumer lives. Nextworld Intelligence comes native with the Nextworld platform and can be baked into business processes to introduce intelligent automations across operations like anomaly detection or intelligent logistics.

See the No-Code Studio in action

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Application Styles

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Composite App

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