Designed with mobility in mind

Whether you're at your desk or on the go, Nextworld's mobile-first approach supports your ongoing operations. Stay connected, gain new efficiencies, and capture data like never before—on any device, at any time.

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Solutions your way

No service? No problem.

Unlike other mobile applications that require connectivity to function and enforce delayed data entry, our mobile apps work for you even in disconnected environments. When you're back online, the system automatically pulls in your changes.

Enable the connected worker

Nextworld empowers the connected worker with real-time access to critical information, the ability to capture data at the point of activity, and seamless collaboration with team members. Eliminate expensive errors that result from manual or delayed data entry, and increase efficiency through automation and highly performant mobile applications.

Mobile First Application update

Capture high-resolution data

Beyond having accurate data, Nextworld's native mobile applications can capture additional data at the point of activity, including temperature, coordinates, humidity, and machine run times. No matter your industry’s unique requirements, we can equip you to capture any high-resolution data point to inform your operational decisions and introduce new dimensions of product data.

Personalize the mobile experience

Need to make a change? No problem. Leverage the Cloud Inventory® low-code, mobile enterprise platform to modify applications. Eliminate manual steps and drive desired behaviors from production to the warehouse for increased efficiency and accuracy. With the Cloud Inventory platform by Nextworld, you can modify processes at any time after going live with little to no technical background.

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Highly performant

All too common are the 5-10 second delays between scans in the warehouse. This type of wait time can destroy productivity. Nextworld provides purpose-built mobile applications that deliver industry-leading performance for increased profitability.

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