April 20, 2023

Part two: A bold vision realized

by Vito Solimene, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

In part one of this series, I discussed the Achilles heel of low-code approaches and showed how no-code platforms support enterprise-grade solutions. In this post, I discuss why true no-code is important and the advantages of bringing an enterprise no-code platform into your organization with a strategy that allows you to adopt the technology at your own pace.

Why no-code works

The magic of no-code platforms lies in the commitment to no-code itself. Many vendors offer what they claim to be no-code solutions but in most cases are actually low-code solutions in disguise. Those solutions typically have a “trap door” that allows the ability to code in a low-level programming language. That is not true no-code.

True no-code platforms do not expose a low-level programming language, and keep customers shielded via the no-code platform and toolset. This can seem counterintuitive to business leaders who perceive it as a limitation – which puts pressure on software vendors to open that trap door. Indeed, very few platform providers have the discipline and commitment to remain true to a no-code philosophy that entirely removes the burden of coding from the enterprise. But those that do provide their customers with a clear path to increased agility and business transformation that is future-proof.

True enterprise no-code platforms encourage organizations to customize applications however business needs dictate and allow them to sustain those customizations from release to release. The business simply receives the benefits of new releases without losing its customizations. In this way, organizations avoid the technical debt hidden just below the low-code trap door. Organizations can continuously shape and refine their systems without the fear of mounting complexity and slipping into technical obsolescence.

No-code your way

At Nextworld, our founding vision was to build and commercialize an enterprise no-code platform that would serve as the underlying technology for a full range of enterprise-grade applications. With our commitment to providing a true no-code experience, we unlocked a way for our customers to transform their organizations at their pace. Rather than taking a rip-and-replace approach to modernizing their core systems, companies can choose to follow an “edge to enterprise” strategy that provides flexibility in how and when to adopt out-of-the-box business solutions or build custom solutions, without coding.

This changes the dynamic because the advantages of an enterprise no-code platform can be applied immediately to the areas where they can have the most impact. Need to start your no-code journey with manufacturing or inventory management applications? No problem. The Nextworld platform underlies all enterprise applications, so organizations decide exactly how to welcome the technology into their operations.

In addition to the value of a flexible adoption model, the Nextworld platform quickly demonstrates other inherent advantages, such as:

  • Reduced IT costs. Modern, cloud-native architecture eliminates procurement and operations costs and enables dynamic scaling, so resources are managed much more efficiently.
  • Sustainable customizations. Technical debt is avoided because application descriptions are separated from their technical implementation, so customizations are preserved and enhanced through upgrades. Without technical debt, customization is no longer a dirty word for application developers.
  • Continuous innovation. By democratizing application development, innovation can occur anywhere in the organization, without bottlenecks to implementation. This accelerates innovation, enabling business processes to be fully customized and continually evolve to meet operational demands.
  • Talent maximization. By dramatically reducing the need for internal coding expertise and retention of niche skillsets to care for legacy code, companies can redeploy resources to other, forward-looking initiatives.
  • Future-proof systems. Nextworld completely separates applications and customizations from the underlying technology, so application functionality is always preserved, investments in applications are always protected, and organizations have the freedom to innovate without penalty.

From my perspective, this is an exciting time for business leaders and those who manage enterprise systems. As true no-code platforms emerge that deliver enterprise-grade applications without the specter of technical debt, new opportunities for business transformation arise and a clear path to continuous innovation is being revealed to organizations everywhere.

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ERP provider’s Founder & Chief Technical Officer Vito Solimene

Vito Solimene

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Vito is a veteran of the enterprise software industry, having worked in the business for more than 28 years. His experience began at J.D. Edwards, where he was instrumental in the design and architecture for the application development toolset. Eventually, Vito become Vice President of Engineering and head of application development for J.D. Edwards. He continued in that capacity through the eventual acquisition by PeopleSoft and then ultimately Oracle. Most recently his responsibilities at Oracle involved leading the application development team for Core HR.

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