Delivery agility to your warehouse

Gain inventory visibility

Gain the ability to create new inventory nodes in the matter of seconds, inventory can be easily tracked whether it’s in your warehouse or yard or anywhere else.

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Impact your bottom line

At Nextworld, we consider inventory money in the wrong form. Our no-code, inventory applications deliver greater flexibility, accuracy, reduced safety stock, and improved inventory turns - increasing your profits.

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Manage your warehouse, your way

Today's businesses are built on constant change, but rigid technologies inhibit the ability to evolve. Reach new markets, satisfy new regulatory requirements, or turn your unique ideas into enterprise software with Nextworld's enterprise, no-code platform.

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Achieve inventory control and increase warehouse agility

  • Improve warehouse productivity and reduce labor costs with mobile-first inventory applications, capturing inventory data at the point of activity
  • Optimize inventory and increase inventory turns by accurately tracking inventory at all points in your operations
  • Increase compliance to regulatory and contractual obligation through real-time data capture and process controls
  • Generate additional revenue through increased customer satisfaction and shipping accuracy
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Customer Stories

Womble Company

Energy & Pipeline Supplier, Oil & Gas

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BRIGGS Healthcare

Medical Device, Wholesale Distribution

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