Achieving five 9's inventory accuracy

About Briggs

Briggs Healthcare is a medical equipment and supplies provider who boasts more than 70 years as a leader in clinical and regulatory compliance. They are trusted as a supplier of medical equipment for all healthcare markets.

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The challenges

In the last few years, Briggs has substantially expanded their business offerings and needed a back-end system that would support continued growth. Briggs was frustrated with their old system; it was an outdated, inflexible solution that had no room to evolve as the company changed.

Briggs was relying on a completely paper-based system to track inventory across the organization, which caused problems, especially with complicated warehouse operations. The company had over 65 separate on-premise operating systems and thus couldn’t easily make changes to their legacy ERP system. These 65 systems needed to be maintained on servers and constantly updated and monitored. The amount of time they were spending trying to fix their systems was much greater than the amount of time spent investing in commercial activities.

"We completely changed the way we did business overnight."

- Brad Mueller, President, BRIGGS Healthcare

The solution

To upgrade their organization and boost productivity, Briggs sought a nimble, cost-effective solution to replace or unite their cumbersome previous systems. They needed something that, above all else, gave them complete inventory visibility.

Cloud Inventory® came to the table as the one solution that could do everything Briggs needed.

Additionally, Cloud Inventory gave them a flexible system to optimize inventory management and seamlessly replace their old systems.

The results

Since implementation, Briggs has completely changed the way they do business.

Inventory is now the center of Briggs’ universe; they always know where all inventory is, no matter if it’s inside or outside the four walls. Briggs now has 99.999% inventory accuracy, which is a vast improvement from previous inventory accuracy levels. Complete inventory visibility now occurs at any point in Briggs’ supply chain, whether inventory is with third-party providers, in forward staging warehouses or at a consolidation point.

System uptime has increased to 100%, meaning Briggs can spend less time concerned about whether or not their systems are stable on the weekends and holidays. This decreases the manpower needed to keep systems up and running, saving valuable time and money for Briggs.

In addition to Cloud Inventory, Briggs uses the Insights add-on to collect and interpret data on a level they never had before. They have access to insights about the day-to-day operations in the warehouse, including at the user level. With a better understanding of their data, Briggs can make more effective decisions regarding warehouse operations optimization.

Looking forward, Briggs will have a system that evolves with them as their business grows. Cloud Inventory has the flexibility to support changes as new requirements emerge. Briggs will continue to optimize business processes and ultimately generate more revenue.

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