Nextworld vs NetSuite

Nextworld is the no-code Enterprise Applications Platform (EAP) built to scale alongside your business. Learn how it compares to the NetSuite ERP system.

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Our AdvantagesNextworldNetSuite

Why our advantage is important to you

Agile and adaptable to changing business needs
The Nextworld EAP provides modern capabilities that exceed traditional ERP design constructs.
System performance and response times
Nextworld delivers rapid response times whether you're scanning in the warehouse or running a report in the back office.
No-code customization
Fearlessly build apps or add new capabilities to our applications without ever writing code.
Purpose-built mobile applications for inventory
Take advantage of industry-leading low-code mobile inventory solutions for warehouses, manufacturing, and field services.
Sophisticated license plate numbering handling
Configurable license plate numbering and other handling units drastically increase warehouse efficiency and reduce costly errors.
Unlimited scalability
Ensure your next implementation is your last with a business platform that supports your future growth.
APIs everywhere
Nextworld delivers APIs down to the table level for faster, more accurate, and more secure integrations.
Unlimited custom attributes
Increase solution flexibility with unlimited custom attributes to personalize your processes and reports.
Numerous inventory data attributes
For example, companies required to simultaneously track both the lot numbers and serial numbers from for the same item or manage multiple UOMs for same item.

What to consider when choosing an enterprise system

What happens to customizations at upgrade time?
When a system upgrade impacts your customizations, it can seriously disrupt your operations. By choosing a system with sustainable technology, you can future-proof your business and ensure your customizations are preserved with each new release.

Can it easily integrate with other software applications?
Integrating your enterprise system with other applications can create a more streamlined experience for capturing, tracking, and analyzing data. Look for a solution that can connect to other business applications seamlessly and securely.

How many custom attributes can it handle?
Your enterprise system should allow you to capture every data point you need to inform your operational decisions. Ask potential vendors about their options for custom attributes, and make sure the one you select doesn't limit the number you can add to its applications.

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Key Differentiators

Unchecked scalability

With a cloud-based infrastructure and elastic computing resources, the Nextworld EAP can manage increased workloads and take on expanding user bases without sacrificing performance. NetSuite uses service tiers to place caps on components like number of users and monthly transaction lines processed, forcing you to upgrade when your business needs change.

System performance and response times

NetSuite was built on old technology, resulting in slow processing times, delayed transactions, and decreased efficiency. The architectural design of Nextworld started with a blank slate, to deliver rapid response times whether you're scanning in the warehouse or running a report in the back office.

Unlimited custom attributes

Nextworld gives you the flexibility to personalize your processes and reports. Our applications allow for unlimited attributes, making it easy to capture the data you need to manage your business operations. NetSuite limits the amount of custom attributes you can define within your applications.

Sustainable customizations

With Nextworld, your customizations automatically merge into each new release, meaning they will always be current and compatible with every upgrade. With NetSuite, customizations often need to be retrofitted, tested, and deployed with each new release. If this work is not completed, it can cause operational and performance issues within your NetSuite system.

No code. No exceptions.

The entirety of Nextworld is built without coding, meaning non-developers can easily customize applications, generate workflows, and add new functionality without writing a single line of code. NetSuite requires the use of a proprietary customization language to add new functionality to its applications.