Nextworld vs Microsoft D365

Nextworld is the no-code Enterprise Applications Platform (EAP) that supports continuous innovation for your business. See how it compares to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system.

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Our AdvantagesNextworldMicrosoft

Why our advantage is important to you

Work directly with vendor
Nextworld stays close to its customers to provide meaningful, timely, and impactful support and results.
Unlimited scalability
Leverage a single business platform that grows with you. Avoid outgrowing your solution and facing another implementation.
Flexible financial solution
Gain a highly customizable enterprise reporting solution that puts the power of culminating and analyzing information in the hands of your team.
No-code customization
Tailor already-built business applications to meet your needs without compromise or worry about future releases.
Create native applications
Create sustainable enterprise functionality that is external to ERP or supplements your existing business solutions.
Integration-friendly with APIs everywhere
Nextworld® uses table-level REST API integrations to make connections to other systems easy, fast, and secure.
Standard business suites
Out-of-the-box applications and suites for primary business activities. Gain speed of deployment and adoption of best practices.
Simple pricing model
Nextworld has a no-surprises licensing model to promote operational ease.

What to consider when choosing an enterprise system

Can I work directly with the vendor?
Your enterprise system is a major investment. Make sure you work with the people who know it best. Look for a vendor who will work directly with you at every stage of your relationship, from evaluation and implementation to training and ongoing support.

Does it deliver rapid response times?
When your enterprise system's server responds slowly to requests, it can cause major decreases in your operational efficiency. Ask potential vendors how their systems handle large transaction volumes and what they do to prevent performance lags.

What's included in pricing?
Many enterprise systems offer additional capabilities, but those can add up quickly. Consider what functionalities you might need down the line, and ask potential vendors whether you'll be charged each time you need to add something new.

Choosing System 2

Key Differentiators

No code. No exceptions.

The Nextworld EAP is built without coding. With our solution, you can easily build, extend, and integrate applications without any prior programming knowledge. Customizations within Microsoft Dynamics 365 often require some sort of coding.

Frictionless inter-company consolidation

For companies with multiple entities or ERP systems, Nextworld lets you easily create journal entries for subsidiaries or handle inter-company consolidations. Everything is one place. Microsoft offers dated financial structures, requiring workarounds and extra steps to accomplish inter-company consolidations.

Simple pricing model

Nextworld has a simple licensing and no-surprises pricing model. Microsoft Dynamics 365's licensing fees vary based on your user and resource needs, making it difficult to determine TCO and often penalizing you for growth.

Direct vendor relationships

Nextworld maintains direct relationships with its customers across the sales, services, and support stages. Microsoft sells and implements its Dynamics 365 products primarily through its partner ecosystem.

Cloud-native architecture

With a native cloud design using an elastic, cloud-based server, Nextworld enables organizations to easily scale as demands grow and change. Microsoft D365 is based on a re-architected version of on-premises software that's not equipped for frequent, automatic upgrades.

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