Nextworld vs Acumatica

Nextworld is the no-code Enterprise Applications Platform (EAP) that can scale with you as your needs evolve, providing you with a competitive edge in an ever-changing business landscape. See how it compares to the Acumatica ERP system.

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Our AdvantagesNextworldAcumatica

Why our advantage is important to you

Flexible financial structures
Easily update and customize financial components like reports and your chart of accounts.
No technical baggage
The architectural design of Nextworld started with a clean sheet. No constraints or biases from previous approaches.
No-code customization
Rapidly build and deploy custom solutions that are automatically preserved from release to release.
Simple pricing model
Nextworld has a no-surprises licensing model to promote operational ease.
Leverage superior integrations
Nextworld® uses table-level REST API integrations to make connections to other systems easy, fast, and secure.
Comprehensive security
Nextworld utilizes audit controls across every object and data value, all tied to the principle of least privilege.
Standard business suites
Out-of-the-box applications and suites for primary business activities. Gain speed of deployment and adoption of best practices.
Comprehensive inventory management
Nextworld has leading inventory and mobile solutions for warehouses, manufacturing, and field services.
Unified platform approach
Leverage a single, unified platform as the underpinning for your enterprise applications for a seamless user experience.

What to consider when choosing an enterprise system

Can I work directly with the vendor?
When investing in an enterprise system, you want to work with the people who know it best. Look for a vendor who will work directly with you at every stage of your relationship, from evaluation and implementation to training and ongoing support.

What happens to customizations at upgrade time?
Oftentimes, upgrades can cause you to lose customizations you made to your enterprise system's applications. Be sure to ask potential vendors about how your customizations would be preserved during updates and new releases.

Is the financials suite flexible?
The system you select should adapt to the way you do business, not the other way around. Avoid solutions with fixed financial suites. Instead, look for one that lets you customize elements like your chart of accounts and reports to best fit your needs.

No Code Overview

Key Differentiators

No code. No exceptions.

Every part of Nextworld is built without coding. No need to employ professionals who are skilled in programming languages. Acumatica's low-code ERP system still requires utilizing a variety of coding experiences, even for standard deployments.

Unlimited scalability

The Nextworld EAP is designed to scale alongside your organization's growth. With a cloud-based infrastructure and elastic computing resources, our solution can handle increased workloads and accommodate expanding user bases without sacrificing performance. Acumatica limits system performance based on your license tier, forcing you to upgrade when you need to increase server capacity.

Flexible financial and reporting structures

In Nextworld, finance and accounting structures—like charts of accounts—are easy to establish, change, and update. Our solution also delivers modern, thin ledgers. Acumatica's design across finance and accounting is rigid and complex, and it only supports thick ledgers.

Simple pricing model

The Nextworld licensing model is straightforward and makes budgeting simple. Acumatica's pricing is complex and driven by transaction volumes, tiers, and deployed capabilities, making its cost less predictable.

Direct vendor relationships

Nextworld stays close to its customers with direct relationships across sales, services, and support. Acumatica obscures customer relationships by selling and working through its partner network.