Ignite transformation from board room to shop floor

Unlock visibility into your materials

From leadership to operations, increase manufacturing materials visibility with our inventory-first data model. You can easily track inventory availability and usage at the point of activity. Improve efficiency across your production lines by locating and delivering the precise quantity of materials you need.

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Your great ideas, turned into enterprise apps

Nextworld makes it simple to go beyond out-of-the-box functionality. You can customize what we deliver, or turn your unique business processes into enterprise-grade software - without programming. Your team can be creative without accumulating technical debt.

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Improve execution on the shop floor
  • Boost production volumes and manufacturing material visibility
  • Generate more revenue per employee on the shop floor
  • Track raw materials from inventory to materials consumption with Mobile-First applications
  • Ensures your shop floor is properly fed and workers have the materials they need to increase productivity
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AG Barr improves performance and accuracy on their shop floor
  • Automating processes throughout manufacturing saved labor time and improved accuracy
  • Inventory Transparency - auditors now have full inventory visibility
  • Cloud Inventory is scalable to meet AG Barr’s volume needs
  • Quick user adoption and time-to-value
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