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Chances are you have a box of cables somewhere in your home or office for devices you no longer use. Or you have a 20GB iPod sitting lifeless in a drawer somewhere serving as cold storage for the catalog of music you downloaded off Limewire back in 2002. There are plenty of college students right now using the same Chromebook they received in High School, and someday soon they will get a notice of the Google End of Life policy. The laptop that carried them through their formative years will no longer receive OS or security updates, eventually rendering the machine useless.

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It seems our ability to take advantage of future technology is dependent on the devices we chose to get us there, and it's tough to gain momentum when you're tripping over obsolete cables. The hardware is making some progress, like implementing the global USB-C standard for new devices. The Right to Repair movement is gaining ground on both a legislative level and through P2P networks.

Technologists have made strides toward ensuring that the uptake of new technologies is not prohibited by, well, the old ones. What is Nextworld doing?

We’re getting rid of code.

Yup, that's right. We're an Enterprise Applications Platform – a technology platform that has eliminated all “coding” from the process of building applications. No more C++, Java, Python, etc.

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What does this mean?

While other vendors may not care to admit it, they are using a language that will become obsolete. If not today, at a foreseeable time in the future. Every developer knows the smallest bit of rogue or outdated code is enough to bring an entire platform to a standstill. Hardcoding an entire application or even a simple website means you will eventually need to rewrite everything to bring it up to modern protocol. Throughout the ERP industry, the "low-code" approach can cause just as many problems. ERPs that allow code injection - something they offer so you can take their solution and "make it your own" - are leaving customers highly vulnerable. Every new release or update is a chance for everything to come down. Not if, but when. All code has an expiration date.

The announcement of the update pulls your IT and development teams off of whatever they were working on to go over everything to ensure compatibility, rewriting where necessary, or finding other integrations to smooth over a fix. All of this, mind you, is to keep your applications running just as they were while providing no additional value to the business. Meanwhile, the products you're paying IT to develop are sitting on the back burner.

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Code is a problem. No Code is the solution.

The common criticism: No-Code platforms are limiting, only allowing for the most simplistic of customizations! And while that may be true for some no-code platforms, Nextworld is banking on proving the critics wrong. We want to protect your business from your code. That’s why we’ve created Enterprise No Code. This stands to differentiate the kind of no-code platforms that build simple websites from the ones that can run your manufacturing.

We not only believe in no-code applications, but our developers use the Nextworld No-Code Studio to build the applications we sell. Right now, entire manufacturing and distribution companies run smoothly because of our commitment to No Code. Instead of injecting custom code, we just went ahead and made a platform that can make anything. If our app developers aren't coding, why should yours?

Yes, OK, there is a code behind the scenes. Instead, we created an applications system that is completely agnostic to code and technology. Rather than write code, we create and preserve application blueprints. This means our applications don’t become obsolete the way other systems (that are tied to a single technology layer) do.

How? It’s a bit meta, but it is applications that build other applications. Humans start the process, but AI brings it to the finish.

This is the AI platform that can build and rebuild any business case.

Yes. So long as it moves your business forward.

Our AI developer copilot makes the role of a no-code developer even easier. Our AI copilot assists by helping no-code developers understand what to do next, or even do it for them with a simple set of written instructions.

Try, “build me a workflow that has three states: Draft, In Review, Approved.”

Or ask it to customize for you. Try, “add a field to my Sales Order to capture supplier carbon emissions.”

No-code development is fast. AI-driven, no-code development is warp-speed. And the best part is that no code means no expiration date.

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Your Custom Work, Totally Sustainable.

With No Code, just about anyone in your company can easily create an application - like a sales form and the resulting workflow. As your business grows and you integrate with new partners and suppliers, the sales form and process likely changes. Add a few fields, reduce a workflow step or two - and the Nextworld platform assesses the application so the changes seamlessly merge.

And Totally Future Proof

Just about every company found a way to use ChatGPT with their product, but how many of them managed to integrate the tech so it was truly supportive? We know this will happen a lot in the future - shiny new technology or coding language and everyone wants to jump on the opportunity and be a part of the conversation. 

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For example, if a distribution warehouse wanted to integrate augmented reality with their inventory tools, they might expect their ERP to find third party software they can tack on to their platform with a few bits of code. Another integration to consider with your next update.

Nextworld ingests the new tech into the platform, taking the time to truly understand all of the ways it can integrate. Once it is absorbed, we regenerate the application blueprints to incorporate new tech in a matter of minutes. Just another example of how our Enterprise Applications Platform is “future proof”.

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Protecting you from those who are dangerous enough to break things.

Experienced developers can build applications from the ground up. Coding, testing, integrating their creation. It takes an exceptional coder to understand outside platforms and integrate effectively. A citizen developer is probably over their head when it comes to coding for a platform, and might burn it all down.

Our platform allows for all of the experimentation without the consequences. Beyond a "sandbox environment," our AI tools assess what is built within the platform and ensures it will work across our platform in perpetuity. Think of it as an AI-enabled layer of insulation.

The AI that builds AI

Meta? Maybe. Yet, we know the future of every industry hinges on your ability to integrate AI into your processes. The Nextworld AI copilot is designed for your citizen developers to create what your company needs most. Furthermore, they can build semantically. Tell the platform what you need to happen with just a few words and it goes right to work on making it happen. Once the application is perfected to how you need it, it then performs internal reviews, checkpoints, and anomaly detection before it is launched. Just another way we make sure your business is protected from your tech.

Limitations? Nah. Uptime!

If it works today, it will work tomorrow. The anxiety over controlling your capabilities is easily offset by having applications that get the job done, efficiently, time and again. Things break down in the transitions and we don't want your next update to be a 503 internal error. Your job is to serve your customer, Nextworld handles the rest. 

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