April 04, 2022

Thinking of customizing your ERP?

There’s a lot to gain when you can easily adapt your business systems to fit the requirements in today’s rapidly changing world. For example, if you’re faced with new regulatory requirements, or need to respond to a request from a top customer, it shouldn’t be a painstaking effort to do so.

You’re not alone among those who probably agree that adaptability and flexibility are necessary, but often think, “it seems there are no good choices when it comes to customizing enterprise software. Why are there are so many consequences?”

The hard truth is that with traditional ERP, there’s never been a simple path.

When weighing the benefits of a system molded to your business versus the associated technical debt, this decision tree can help you understand the resulting pros and cons.

Customizations Pros and Cons Flowchart Mobile Customizations Pros and Cons Flowchart

Nextworld's ERP platform supports Sustainable Customizations, ensuring that your customizations are safely retained and automatically merge with all future upgrades. Customization doesn't have to be penalized. In fact, we encourage it.

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