November 06, 2023

Nextworld unveils latest release showcasing their inventory suite and AI innovations

Nextworld, an innovator in enterprise software solutions, has unveiled 23.2, its second product release of this year, which delivers improvements across all their business suites including finance, sales, procurement, manufacturing, and inventory.

Highlights of the new release include new inventory and warehouse applications, enhanced citizen developer capabilities, and the launch of AI use cases throughout their platform. These latest developments continue to bring cutting-edge innovations to Nextworld customers.

1. Inventory control applications: Following the acquisition of Cloud Inventory, which was announced in 2022, Nextworld now delivers an impressive suite of over 21 dedicated applications designed to provide inventory visibility and control to the warehouse, production lines, and field operations. Most important is the native mobile component of these applications, which brings enhanced optimization to customers. The combined product lines of the two companies now bring together the best in no-code platform technology and mobile inventory applications. Cloud Inventory has over 40 years of supply chain expertise and experience mitigating the limitations of how traditional ERP systems manage inventory. That combined with Nextworld’s composable architecture has poised customers of the joint firms to have the greatest in technological advancements, particularly when it comes to tracking their inventory.

2. Enhanced experience for Citizen Developers: Nextworld launched the No-Code Studio, which brings even greater experience to business analysts looking to leverage the no-code platform to build and customize applications. As citizen developers, they can more quickly turn their ideas into powerful enterprise software without ever writing a line of code. This empowers organizations to adapt to changing business needs and stay competitive in today's fast-paced market.

3. Artificial Intelligence across the platform: Nextworld launched its AI toolkit, unlocking AI capabilities for use cases like anomaly detection, which helps organizations identify and address irregularities in their operations proactively. In 2024, Nextworld will be releasing even more exciting applications of AI throughout the platform that will further the experience and efficiency of developing without coding.

These developments demonstrate Nextworld's unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enable product and inventory-centric businesses to scale and adapt.

Nextworld's CEO, Kylee McVaney, commented, "We are thrilled to introduce these enhancements to our product lineup. Our commitment remains to help our customers excel in the modern business world with our enterprise applications platform."

About Nextworld

Nextworld delivers an enterprise applications platform that provides a composable business architecture and adapts to how companies want to do business. From industry-specific solutions to use case-driven scenarios or role-based applications, Nextworld supports your digital journey, empowering you to make the best choices for your business. Our no-code platform eliminates technical debt as you adapt and evolve - without limitation. Rest assured, your next business solution will remain future-proof, keeping you ahead of what’s next®.

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