June 14, 2024

GH Power selects Nextworld® Enterprise Applications Platform with plans to build suite of custom applications

GH Power has selected Nextworld® for its no-code development platform, which they will use to build a suite of custom applications, as well as Nextworld's packaged applications across finance, procurement, sales, projects, and manufacturing.

GH Power is on a mission to fight global warming. The company builds and operates energy reactors that leverage recycled metal and water to produce three types of renewable energy: green hydrogen, alumina, and thermal energy. GH Power’s process is done with zero carbon emissions, and the company has plans to generate carbon certificates for their three energy products by Q4 2024.

According to GH Power, 20% of global carbon emissions could be abated by hydrogen, and green hydrogen could be key in the fight against global warming. It is forecasted to provide 24% of our energy needs by 2050, a vast increase compared to the 4% it’s providing currently.

Using the Nextworld No-Code Studio, GH Power plans to build applications to track the production of thermal energy, green hydrogen, and alumina. Also on the roadmap are custom applications that will translate GH Power’s carbon offset potential into carbon certificates to decarbonize their Global customers.

After evaluating other solutions, GH Power ultimately chose Nextworld for its unmatched flexibility.

“With Nextworld, we can leverage their packaged applications while also creating a custom-built solution to match our business practices,” GH Power CEO David White said. “No other system would have allowed us to do both.”

Toronto-based AITO Solutions, an implementation partner of Nextworld, made the initial recommendation to GH Power.

GH Power Quote

“We have a longstanding relationship with the team at GH Power, and when the time came, we were eager to recommend the right platform to track all of their energy production activities,” Dave Baker, Partner at AITO Solutions, said. “We are excited about this continued partnership, especially now that it includes Nextworld technology.”

Nextworld CEO Kylee McVaney commented, “We are thrilled to welcome GH Power into the fold, and we look forward to helping them propel their mission in the fight against global warming.”

About Nextworld

The Nextworld Enterprise Applications Platform provides a composable business architecture that adapts to how you do business. Our packaged applications cover finance, order management, procurement, inventory control, and manufacturing, allowing data to flow seamlessly across applications, departments, and existing systems. With a singular, secure, and customizable platform delivered with a robust suite of business applications, the Nextworld EAP lets you digitize your most critical and unique business processes quickly, efficiently, and 100% future-proofed.

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