Oil & Gas

Speculation is all about exploration, and exploring typically involves remote locations, offshore sites, and boldly going where few have traveled before. Oil and gas companies are under constant pressure to discover and deliver extracted resources in a way that is both safe and effective. This means keeping teams informed and tools moving to the right locations. With Field Inventory, your remote teams can keep centralized software systems up to date from anywhere in the world, regardless of their connectivity.

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Service outages? That might mean they’re down for you too. Fortunately, you can still access inventory records and update services even while your devices are offline. Establishing a new service area? Field Inventory keeps you connected to the important data even while you’re still building the connection. Once the service is up and running, your records sync so your business keeps moving.

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Building new cities means going to new places, and for your team, it means being there first. Before plumbing, before power, before cell towers and wireless connections. Thanks to Field Inventory’s cloud connectivity, you can still access records while offline, update orders, leave notes, and more. And once you’re connected, everything syncs.

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When you’re underneath hundreds of feet of granite, miles from anywhere, your chances of maintaining a consistent signal are slim. Luckily, with Field Inventory, you can capture data about materials and equipment without a signal and communicate real-time information across your supply chain.

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Medical Devices

For medical supply companies, it’s critical to know the exact lot number, serial number, location, and expiration date of every piece of equipment. With inventory stored in operating rooms and the trunks of sales reps, you need a way to know what devices are being used and where. Field Inventory can help you deliver a full chain of custody that improves safety and increases billing and inventory accuracy by providing real-time visibility into the state, location, and authenticity of supplies.

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The Power of Integrated Field Inventory

Learn how Field Inventory supports every function across your organization—from the back office to the most remote locations your business operates.

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Customer success story: TETRA Technologies

TETRA struggled to get the real-time data they needed to reduce operational costs and increase profitability across their supply chain. Learn how they used Field Inventory to improve inventory visibility, make quicker management decisions, and generate more earnings.

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<p>Mobile-first user interface</p>

Mobile-first user interface

<p>Quick to implement</p>

Quick to implement

<p>Inventory-first data model</p>

Inventory-first data model

<p>Pre-built ERP integrations</p>

Pre-built ERP integrations

<p>Single system of record</p>

Single system of record

<p>Multi-language support</p>

Multi-language support

<p>Customizable workflows</p>

Customizable workflows

<p>Sustainable customizations</p>

Sustainable customizations