Future-proof your field inventory management

Does your organization have Inventory in the Wild™?

Field Inventory™ is the ultimate solution for managing inventory in challenging, dynamic environments. Gain accurate insights into trunk stock, laydown yards, forward stocking locations, and inventory lockers, enabling informed decision-making and optimized supply chain management.

Track the consumption of project materials, medical devices, industrial tools, construction equipment, and supplies, all within a unified and efficient system. Experience the power of Field Inventory, the customizable, enterprise-ready solution that revolutionizes inventory management in difficult-to-control environments, while maximizing profitability and ensuring efficient field operations.

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Embrace operational agility

Does your technology allow for a fully customized environment based on unique roles and process requirements? Your technology should be tailored to you without penalty. With Field Inventory, you can evolve your business without skipping a beat. The Nextworld platform delivers enterprise, no-code customization capabilities that can be leveraged to mold our applications to your unique requirements. Say goodbye to rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions, and experience true business agility.

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Learn how TETRA Technologies leverages Field Inventory to grow and gain greater visibility to their business

"[Field Inventory is] providing us a P&L for every field technician.”

Elijio Serrano, TETRA Technologies SVP & CFO

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Key Field Inventory benefits

  • Know the state, location, and authenticity of your Inventory in the Wild™
  • Control your inventory inside and outside the four walls of your warehouse
  • Manage project materials, inventory, and high-value assets in the field, with or without connectivity
  • Give your business a chain of custody so that you know where your inventory is, anytime, anywhere

Key Field Inventory features

  • Mobile-first, easy-to-adopt user interface
  • Inventory-first data model
  • Pre-built ERP integrations
  • Quick to implement
  • Multi-language support
  • Customizable workflows that don't keep you version locked

Give your field workers the tools they need to ensure a positive customer experience

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